Rawinsonde and Pibal Observations

  1. UAR Report
    1. UAPART Element
    2. UAID Element
    3. UACODE Element
    4. UALEVELS Element
      1. UALEVEL Element
  2. Example
  3. References (bibliography)


UAR Report

This element defines one particular combined Rawinsonde and Pibal observation report. Its main contents is a sequence of UALEVELs that describe a set of weather conditions at particular vertical atmospheric pressure levels.

Raw rawinsonde observation reports are highly unsuitable for any further processing or even human analysis. Not only the information is spread through several parts, which are delivered in separate messages; the information is also encoded; without an extensive set of code tables (Appendix E-III of FMH-3 below) the data are inaccessible. The OMF markup aims to aid processing and understanding of a report by annotating the raw data with decoded quantities (pressure, temperature, dew point depression, wind vector) in conventional and self-evident units. Furthermore, a reference to an observation station is annotated with the station's full name, location and elevation; time stamps are always presented in EPOCH seconds.

The Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 3 -- FMH-3 below -- "prescribes federal standards for taking rawinsonde and pibal observations; for processing the observations; and for encoding, telecommunicating, and archiving the data. Also provided are procedures for quality control throughout the various phases of data acquisition, processing, and dissemination. All methodology contained in the Handbook is consistent with that stipulated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). "

The OMF markup described in this document only annotates the raw text of Rawinsonde and Pibal Observation reports, without altering them or omitting a single letter. An annotated UAR report combines all four parts of the original report (as well as accompanying Pibal reports if applicable) and presents the levels in a logical sequence. Yet, the markup contains explicit "pointers" that refer back to originating parts. Thus it is always possible to reconstruct the original messages of a raw report. In case of a coding or transmission error, the corresponding data are marked with a specific tag. It is up to an application then to try to correct the error and salvage whatever data possible.



 Time Stamp of the observation
 Location of a point where the observation was taken (i.e., a balloon launch site)
 Station identifier
 Station's location identifier (ICAO id) and the full name, if any
 The height of the launch site relative to the sea level, in whole meters. May be omitted if unknown
LimitTo, LimitRecd
 Access Restrictions

	%TStamp; %LatLon; %BId; %SName; %Elev; %AccessLimit;


UAPART Element

The UAPART element identifies a part of a combined Rawinsonde/Pibal observation. The results of an upper-air observation are reported in up to four separate messages; a rawinsonde report may also be accompanied by related pilot balloon reports (which may include four parts as well).

The body of the element is an identification token YYGGId, which is the second token of Section 1 of a report's part [E-II.2.1 and E-I.2.1 of FMH-3].



 the id of a part. an NMTOKEN
A four-character string of a form "MiMiMjMj" where MiMi identify a report: TT, UU, XX, II, PP, QQ, or EE. The other two characters identify one of the four parts of a report: AA, BB, CC, or DD
  This id is the the first word of the identifying section -- Section 1 -- of a rawinsonde or a pibal report. See E-II.2.1 and E-I.2.1 of FMH-3.

Note, part ids are unique within a single UAR element.

 a reference to a part. an NMTOKEN
precisely as the one above
  All other minor elements within a UAR element contain this attribute to refer to a part where that element's content came from. It is this reference that permits the perfect reconstruction of any part of the original rawinsonde or a pibal message from a combined and annotated UAR report.


UAID Element

The UAID element tells more details about conditions and circumstances a particular rawinsonde observation was carried out. Specifically, this element provides data on a particular sounding and tracking system used, precise time of an observation, and, optionally, the sea-surface temperature. The body of the UAID element is two or three words that constitute Section 7 of a report (the words that follow the section identifier 31313) [E-II.2.7 of FMH-3].


UACODE Element

The UACODE element marks up those tokens of the original message that are unparsed or cannot be parsed. Currently Sections 8, 9 and 10 of a rawinsonde report, and Sections 4, 5 and 6 of a pibal report are not parsed. These sections either contain regional codes, or specify levels that do not have any attributed pressure value. See Appendices E-I and E-II of FMH-3 for more details.

Occasionally some of report's data cannot be parsed because they were wrongly encoded or garbled during transmission.

Regardless of the reason, the unparsed parts of a report are thus clearly identified so an application may attempt to extract or salvage whatever information possible. The present markup format does not correct or modify these unparsed pieces, and does not annotate them any further. The unparsed tokens identified by an UACODE element always occur at the very end of a part referred to by a Ref attribute. This implies that there may be at most one UACODE element referring to a particular part. As a UAR element however may include several UAPARTs, there may be several UACODE elements within a single UAR report.



This element contains a sequence of UALEVEL elements for each particular vertical atmospheric level described in a whole UAR report. The sequence of UALEVELs is ordered in descending order with respect to levels' pressure. Certain pressure levels -- for example, surface, tropopause or maximum wind -- can be described in several parts of the original observation report. Therefore, there may be several UALEVELs corresponding to exactly the same pressure value. The other attributes of these levels may be identical as well, or may differ. It is up to an application to choose the most appropriate values.




The UALEVEL element is the most interesting one as it conveys detailed information about one particular isobaric surface - both in a raw and decoded formats. The body of the element is encoded information about a pressure level exactly as it appeared in one particular part of a report. A required P attribute tells the pressure value of a UALEVEL element; a required Ref element points to a part of the original rawinsonde or pibal message that carried these encoded data. Together, P and Ref attributes identify a UALEVEL. As mentioned above, one P attribute may not be enough as some pressure levels may be described in several parts of a report - in identical or different terms. To uniquely identify a UALEVEL one also has to heed a H attribute: For example, if the maximum wind level happens to coincide with one of the standard pressure levels in Part TTAA, there will be two UALEVEL elements with identical values of P and Ref attributes.

The other attributes of a UALEVEL element present the element's encoded data in a fully-decoded, self-contained format.



 A reference to a UAPART that contained this element's (encoded) data
 a pressure value of an atmospheric layer
  • a positive, not necessarily integral, number, in hPa units
    One hectoPascal is numerically equal to one millibar
  • "UNKNOWN" in a PILOT report, where the pressure level has not been determined (yet)
 The standard pressure at zero altitude is 1013.250 hPa
 the geopotential height of the pressure level
  • a (possibly negative) number, in whole geopotential meters (MSL)
  • "SURF" for the surface level
  • "TROP" for a tropopause level
  • "MAXW" for a maximum wind level (other than the highest observed level)
  • "MAXWTOP" for a maximum wind level which is the top of the wind sounding
  • omitted
  The "MAXWTOP" symbol stands for code 66 of E-II.2.4, FMH-3, "when top of the wind sounding corresponds to the highest wind speed observed throughout the ascent. The top of the wind sounding is to be understood as the highest level for which wind data are available." See also Table 5300 (WMO-No. 306, Vol. I.1), FMH-3, Appendix E-III.
 the air temperature at this isobaric level a positive, zero or negative number, in degrees Celsius; may be omitted
 Depression of the dewpoint temperature (with respect to water) at this isobaric surface a non-negative number, in degrees Celsius; may be omitted
 wind vector at a specified level a string of a form "nnn, mm" or "nnn, mm bbb" or "nnn, mm ,aaa" or "nnn, mm bbb, aaa" or omitted
  Here nnn is a true direction from which wind is blowing, in degrees. This is an integer number within [0,360), with 0 meaning the wind is blowing from the true North, 270 stands for the wind blowing from the West. Normally this number has a precision of 5 degrees.
mm is the wind speed in meters per second.

If specified, bbb stands for the absolute value of the vector difference between the wind at a given level, and the wind 1 km below that level, in meters per second. The number aaa if given is the absolute value of the vector difference between the wind at a given level, and the wind 1 km above that level, in meters per second.



OMF Example

An original set of reports (note, different parts usually come in separate bulletins, and often interspersed):
TTAA  66081 72381 99929 20663 21006 00066 ///// ///// 92762 20464
26011 85502 22468 26010 70159 10460 14019 50586 06766 33008 40758
15166 31525 30969 29564 31036 25097 39363 29035 20246 50361 27039
15429 61960 26544 10673 70558 24011 88115 71958 25025 77999=

TTBB  66080 72381 00929 20663 11918 25064 22911 26466 33808 20666
44664 06259 55625 01436 66620 01257 77608 00061 88596 00564 99537
05366 11478 06766 22448 09366 33323 24765 44257 37963 55246 40163
31313 04608 80800 51515 10159 10164 00005 10194 25511 14012=

TTCC  66082 72381 70885 67359 13511 50091 61360 14010 30412 54561
09515 20676 47962 10514 10138 44363 ///// 88999 77999=

TTDD  6608/ 72381 11875 73358 22572 61760 33325 56960 44256 50362
55218 50962 66171 45562 77143 47162=

TTAA  66124 70414 99005 08840 30018 00073 09456 30019 92713 04448
29031 85395 00950 30532 70922 08375 28539 50546 22777 27570 40706
33965 27580 30902 ///// 88999 77304 27585 408//=

TTBB  66128 70414 00005 08840 11995 09657 22891 01636 33838 01946
44797 04136 55784 04358 66777 04346 77765 05160 88704 08175 99606
13780 11549 18385 22422 30767 33394 34763 44358 403// 55315 455//
66302 453// 51515 10150 10164 00091 10196 85395 00950 30532 70922
08375 28539 50546 22777 27570 10194 29529 29535=

PPAA  66128 70414 44385 30532 28539 27570 44140 27580 77304 27585

PPBB  66128 70414 90/12 30018 29524 29030 90346 29032 30031 30532
90789 29031 29536 28541 91024 28539 28052 27566 916// 27569 92045
27072 27580 27579 930// 27585=

TTDD  6612/ 70414 51515 10150=

TTAA  66101 48698 99006 28440 21005 00068 26850 21506 92753 22456
21013 85486 18857 24520 70128 08820 28512 50584 04546 11516 40757
16117 12027 30968 30508 11022 25095 39957 07541 20243 53156 06042
15422 679// 07574 10658 763// 12042 88121 779// 08588 77125 08092

PPAA  66108 48698 44385 24520 28512 11516 44340 12027 11022 07541
44320 06042 07574 12042 77125 08092 41870=

PPBB  66108 48698 90/12 21005 20013 19515 9037/ 22516 25522 9124/
28505 23000 9228/ 11525 10528 9514/ 08092 12043=

PPCC  66108 48698 44370 25014 07547 10062 44220 33027 28030 77276
10065 40748=

PPDD  66108 48698 105// 28531=

would be represented as
<!DOCTYPE Reports SYSTEM "OMF.dtd">
<Reports TStamp="905990460">

<UAR TStamp='905932800' LatLon='34.900, -117.917' BId='723810'
SName='KEDW, EDWARDS AFB' Elev='724'>

<UAPART id='TTAA'>66081</UAPART>
<UAPART id='TTBB'>66080</UAPART>
<UAPART id='TTCC'>66082</UAPART>
<UAPART id='TTDD'>6608/</UAPART>

<UAID Ref='TTBB'>04608 80800</UAID>

<UACODE Ref='TTBB'>51515 10159 10164 00005 10194 25511 14012</UACODE>

<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='1000' H='66'>00066 ///// /////</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='929' H='SURF' T='20.6' DP='13' Wind='210, 3'>99929 20663 21006</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='929' T='20.6' DP='13'>00929 20663</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='925' H='762' T='20.4' DP='14' Wind='260, 6'>92762 20464 26011</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='918' T='25.0' DP='14'>11918 25064</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='911' T='26.4' DP='16'>22911 26466</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='850' H='1502' T='22.4' DP='18' Wind='260, 5'>85502 22468 26010</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='808' T='20.6' DP='16'>33808 20666</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='700' H='3159' T='10.4' DP='10' Wind='140, 10'>70159 10460 14019</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='664' T='6.2' DP='9'>44664 06259</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='625' T='1.4' DP='3.6'>55625 01436</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='620' T='1.2' DP='7'>66620 01257</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='608' T='0' DP='11'>77608 00061</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='596' T='-0.4' DP='14'>88596 00564</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='537' T='-5.2' DP='16'>99537 05366</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='500' H='5860' T='-6.6' DP='16' Wind='330, 4'>50586 06766 33008</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='478' T='-6.6' DP='16'>11478 06766</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='448' T='-9.2' DP='16'>22448 09366</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='400' H='7580' T='-15.0' DP='16' Wind='315, 12'>40758 15166 31525</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='323' T='-24.6' DP='15'>33323 24765</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='300' H='9690' T='-29.4' DP='14' Wind='310, 18'>30969 29564 31036</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='257' T='-37.8' DP='13'>44257 37963</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='250' H='10970' T='-39.2' DP='13' Wind='290, 18'>25097 39363 29035</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='246' T='-40.0' DP='13'>55246 40163</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='200' H='12460' T='-50.2' DP='11' Wind='270, 20'>20246 50361 27039</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='150' H='14290' T='-61.8' DP='10' Wind='265, 22'>15429 61960 26544</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='100' H='16730' T='-70.4' DP='8' Wind='240, 6'>10673 70558 24011</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='115' H='TROP' T='-71.8' DP='8' Wind='250, 12'>88115 71958 25025</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='87.5' T='-73.2' DP='8'>11875 73358</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTCC' P='70' H='18850' T='-67.2' DP='9' Wind='135, 6'>70885 67359 13511</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='57.2' T='-61.6' DP='10'>22572 61760</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTCC' P='50' H='20910' T='-61.2' DP='10' Wind='140, 5'>50091 61360 14010</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='32.5' T='-56.8' DP='10'>33325 56960</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTCC' P='30' H='24120' T='-54.4' DP='11' Wind='95, 8'>30412 54561 09515</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='25.6' T='-50.2' DP='12'>44256 50362</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='21.8' T='-50.8' DP='12'>55218 50962</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTCC' P='20' H='26760' T='-47.8' DP='12' Wind='105, 7'>20676 47962 10514</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='17.1' T='-45.4' DP='12'>66171 45562</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTDD' P='14.3' T='-47.0' DP='12'>77143 47162</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTCC' P='10' H='31380' T='-14.2' DP='13'>10138 44363 /////</UALEVEL>

<UAR TStamp='905947200' LatLon='52.717, 174.100' BId='704140'

<UAPART id='TTAA'>66124</UAPART>
<UAPART id='TTBB'>66128</UAPART>
<UAPART id='PPAA'>66128</UAPART>
<UAPART id='PPBB'>66128</UAPART>
<UAPART id='TTDD'>6612/</UAPART>

<UACODE Ref='TTBB'>51515 10150 10164 00091 10196 85395 00950 30532 70922
08375 28539 50546 22777 27570 10194 29529 29535</UACODE>
<UACODE Ref='TTDD'>51515 10150</UACODE>
<UACODE Ref='PPBB'>90/12 30018 29524 29030
90346 29032 30031 30532
90789 29031 29536 28541
91024 28539 28052 27566
916// 27569 92045 27072 27580 27579
930// 27585</UACODE>

<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='1005' H='SURF' T='8.8' DP='4.0' Wind='300, 9'>99005 08840 30018</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='1005' T='8.8' DP='4.0'>00005 08840</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='1000' H='73' T='9.4' DP='6' Wind='300, 10'>00073 09456 30019</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='995' T='9.6' DP='7'>11995 09657</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='925' H='713' T='4.4' DP='4.8' Wind='290, 16'>92713 04448 29031</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='891' T='1.6' DP='3.6'>22891 01636</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='850' H='1395' T='-0.8' DP='5.0' Wind='305, 16'>85395 00950 30532</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='850' Wind='305, 16'>44385 30532</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='838' T='-1.8' DP='4.6'>33838 01946</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='797' T='-4.0' DP='3.6'>44797 04136</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='784' T='-4.2' DP='8'>55784 04358</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='777' T='-4.2' DP='4.6'>66777 04346</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='765' T='-5.0' DP='10'>77765 05160</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='704' T='-8.0' DP='25'>88704 08175</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='700' H='2922' T='-8.2' DP='25' Wind='285, 20'>70922 08375 28539</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='700' Wind='285, 20'>28539</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='606' T='-13.6' DP='30'>99606 13780</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='549' T='-18.2' DP='35'>11549 18385</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='500' H='5460' T='-22.6' DP='27' Wind='275, 35'>50546 22777 27570</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='500' Wind='275, 35'>27570</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='422' T='-30.6' DP='17'>22422 30767</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='400' H='7060' T='-33.8' DP='15' Wind='275, 40'>40706 33965 27580</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='400' Wind='275, 40'>44140 27580</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='394' T='-34.6' DP='13'>33394 34763</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='358' T='-40.2'>44358 403//</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='315' T='-45.4'>55315 455//</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='304' H='MAXW' Wind='275, 42 4'>77304 27585 408//</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='304' H='MAXW' Wind='275, 42 4'>77304 27585 408//</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTBB' P='302' T='-45.2'>66302 453//</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='300' H='9020'>30902 /////</UALEVEL>

<UAR TStamp='905940000' LatLon='1.367, 103.983' BId='486980'

<UAPART id='TTAA'>66101</UAPART>
<UAPART id='PPAA'>66108</UAPART>
<UAPART id='PPBB'>66108</UAPART>
<UAPART id='PPCC'>66108</UAPART>
<UAPART id='PPDD'>66108</UAPART>

<UACODE Ref='PPBB'>90/12 21005 20013 19515 9037/ 22516 25522 9124/
28505 23000 9228/ 11525 10528 9514/ 08092 12043</UACODE>
<UACODE Ref='PPDD'>105// 28531</UACODE>

<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='1006' H='SURF' T='28.4' DP='4.0' Wind='210, 2'>99006 28440 21005</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='1000' H='68' T='26.8' DP='5.0' Wind='215, 3'>00068 26850 21506</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='925' H='753' T='22.4' DP='6' Wind='210, 6'>92753 22456 21013</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='850' H='1486' T='18.8' DP='7' Wind='245, 10'>85486 18857 24520</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='850' Wind='245, 10'>44385 24520</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='700' H='3128' T='8.8' DP='2.0' Wind='285, 6'>70128 08820 28512</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='700' Wind='285, 6'>28512</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='500' H='5840' T='-4.4' DP='4.6' Wind='115, 8'>50584 04546 11516</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='500' Wind='115, 8'>11516</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='400' H='7570' T='-16.0' DP='1.7' Wind='120, 14'>40757 16117 12027</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='400' Wind='120, 14'>44340 12027</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='300' H='9680' T='-30.4' DP='0.8' Wind='110, 11'>30968 30508 11022</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='300' Wind='110, 10'>11022</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='250' H='10950' T='-39.8' DP='7' Wind='75, 20'>25095 39957 07541</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='250' Wind='75, 20'>07541</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='200' H='12430' T='-53.0' DP='6' Wind='60, 21'>20243 53156 06042</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='200' Wind='60, 21'>44320 06042</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='150' H='14220' T='-67.8' Wind='75, 37'>15422 679// 07574</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='150' Wind='75, 37'>07574</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='100' H='16580' T='-76.2' Wind='120, 21'>10658 763// 12042</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='100' Wind='120, 21'>12042</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='121' H='TROP' T='-77.8' Wind='85, 44'>88121 779// 08588</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='TTAA' P='125' H='MAXW' Wind='80, 46 9, 35'>77125 08092 41870</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPAA' P='125' H='MAXW' Wind='80, 46 9, 35'>77125 08092 41870</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPCC' P='70' Wind='250, 7'>44370 25014</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPCC' P='50' Wind='75, 24'>07547</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPCC' P='30' Wind='100, 31'>10062</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPCC' P='27.6' H='MAXW' Wind='100, 32 3, 24'>77276 10065 40748</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPCC' P='20' Wind='330, 14'>44220 33027</UALEVEL>
<UALEVEL Ref='PPCC' P='10' Wind='280, 15'>28030</UALEVEL>




"Rawinsonde and Pibal Observations," Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 3
Specifically, Appendix E, "Pilot Balloon and Rawinsonde Encoding and Decoding"

RAOB: a powerful, multi-functional sounding analysis program that can read rawinsonde/radiosonde data; create SkewTs, Hodographs, and Vertical Cross-Sections

The OMF Data Definition Document in XML format

Sample OMF UAR document

Query for the latest Rawinsonde and Pibal observation reports
The reports are presented in the OMF format described in this document.


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