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One or several WMO ID(s) of a station, or Buoy id(s)
(e.g., 724915 72494). Use whitespace to separate ids
Call letters of a station or stations, or a ship id
(e.g., KMRY KSFO). Use whitespace to separate ids
Full or partial name of a station
(e.g., San Franci).
Station's two-letter country code
(e.g., US).
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Total weather Land Surface Observations
Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts Upper Air Reports

All character search is case-insensitive. SQL-style wildcards (%, _) in the station name are OK.

Lat/Lon are specified in degrees, e.g.-30.75; negative numbers refer to Southern latitudes and Western longitudes correspondingly. Longitudes may wrap around.

You have to specify at least one search parameter; click on the button or press the Enter key.

Refer to a Metcast Site for more information.

Search the Master Station Library for station's id, names, location, etc.

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