Confusion over image registration information

How to specify which area of the globe a satellite picture pertains to
that is, image projection, lat/lon of the bounding rectangle, projection parameters

This is necessary to correctly overlay the image on the map, and temperature, etc. isoplots on the image

NODDS: catalogged fixed areas
  • Satellite pictures are made for a few preselected areas
  • Image file name = image catalogged name
  • A client and a server must have identical catalogs
  • Originally only 15 images were catallogged. A hassle of adding a new image
  • We designed a new, flexible catalog format. Easy to propagate to clients

  • MTIF: TIFF with a registration information in private tags
  • Originally some dumbheads "extended" TIFF by using native FP numbers in private tags: 2-3 month-long confusion of people and TIFF readers (still goes)
  • We proposed: put registration information in DocumentName tag in ASCII. My TIFF writers do that, GOES writers do that

Just to show what kind of confusions one has to trudge through all the time...