Space and Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR) PMW 175

The METOC Web was developed and is maintained by the METOC Systems Program Office (PMW175) for the Space and Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR), Washington, D.C.

SPAWAR is the designer of the Navy's Integrated Tactical Environmental Subsystem (NITES), a collection of application and systems services that run on the SPAWAR Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS). These applications/services are also a part of the TESS Remote Workstation which complements TESS(3) at various afloat and ashore METOC sites.

The METOC System Program Office staff roster includes:

  • Capt. Richard Hillyer, PMW 175 Environmental Systems Program Manager
  • David Minton, PMW 175 Chief Engineer, and
  • Jay Berkowitz, PMW 175 Deputy Program Manager

  • SPAWAR now has its own web, SPAWIRE, with links to several SPAWAR groups as well as to the latest SPAWAR Corporate Phonebook.