Nested functions

An example from the LinAlg package

ALInterp::ALInterp(const double _q, const Vector& x, const Vector& y)
        : arg(x.q_no_elems()), val(y.q_no_elems()), q(_q)
  assure( y.q_no_elems() > 1,
          "Vector y (function values) must have at least 2 points");

  class index_permutation
    struct El { int x_ind; float x_to_q; }; // x_to_q = |x[x_ind]-q|
    El * permutation;
    const int n;
    static int comparison_func(const void * ip, const void * jp)
      { return fsign(((const El*)ip)->x_to_q - ((const El*)jp)->x_to_q); }
    index_permutation(const double q, const Vector& x) :
        permutation(new El[x.q_no_elems()]), n(x.q_no_elems())
      register El * pp = permutation;
      for(register int i=x.q_lwb(); i<=x.q_upb(); i++,pp++)
        pp->x_ind = i, pp->x_to_q = fabs(q-x(i));
    ~index_permutation(void) { delete permutation; }
                     // Apply the permutation to x to get arg
                     // and to y to get val
    void apply(Vector& arg, Vector& val, const Vector& x, const Vector& y)
      register const El* pp = permutation;
      for(register int i=arg.q_lwb(); i<=arg.q_upb(); i++,pp++)
        arg(i) = x(pp->x_ind), val(i) = y(pp->x_ind);



The class index_permutation is completely local

More examples to follow: iterators/lazy objects.

I have an even crazier example with double-nested functions!

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