Image Processing and Graphics


Grayscale Image Processing

A C++ class library to do many boring and exciting things with grayscale images:

Every feature of the package is tested in the included validation code. The README file tells far much more about the features and how to use them.

i686/FreeBSD 4.0, gcc 2.95.2
various commercial UNIX flavors (Sun Ultra-2/Solaris 2.6, HP-UX B.10.10) with gcc 2.95.2
i686/Linux 2.2.14, gcc 2.95.2
Mac and PowerMac, Win95/WinNT
Public Domain
The current version is 2.4, December 2000.

The README file [plain text file]

grayimage.tar.gz [258K]
Complete source code and the validation/sample code

Handling TIFF files in Scheme

Advanced i/o and arithmetic compression classlib is required as a dependency


Sample GUI Class library

A C++ wrapper around a platform-independent XVT GUI engine (with a distinct Windows flavor). The cornerstone class XVTBasicWindow does all the registration chores, receives events firsthand and handles them roughly, using appropriate (virtual) handlers for finer processing. The class also has methods to handle checkbox, button, list, and other controls. The package then defines a number of classes to :

SunOS and Solaris 2.x, HP-UX, g++ v2.6.3
The current version is 1.2, September 1994.

xvt_c++wrap.tar.gz [28K]
Complete source code. The archive also includes the verification code for all features.

XVT library is required to actually run the code

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